ARB Documents

ARB Guidelines 03-24-2023.

Alteration Application Form 06-06-2022.

ARB Minutes 2023

ARB Minutes 03-22-2023

ARB Minutes 2022

ARB Minutes 02-15-2022

Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board is responsible for reviewing all architectural application forms and communicating the results to the homeowner. The objective is to maintain a high standard for the external design and appearance of the homes in order to preserve a harmonious appearance throughout the community.

This committee is also responsible for researching and developing guidelines for any architectural issues for which a standard must be defined.

ARB Committee Members: Rosetta Bowsky, Paula Levesque, Sharon Spencer

The ARB will have an open meeting after the Cross Creek BOD meetings, and will be available for questions, applications or remarks.

Making alterations to the outside of your home? Alteration Application form is necessary for changes to outside of home and lot including landscaping. Click here to download the Alteration Application Form.

Questions may be directed to Management & Associates, (813)433-2000.

Should you have questions as to whether or not a permit is required, please see the following link for Pinellas County, Florida, Building and Development Review Services - Permit Requirements